Benito Ros Charral

Benito Ros Charral has been competing for 16 years in mountain biking, in the trials mode, for putting a start date, because he says he has been on a bike since he has memory.

Seeing the ways he pointed, his grandparents gave him his first bike at age 9 and with it he already started trying to do a little more what is considered trial: climbing ladders, small steps, logs, turns, etc. He improved his style remarkably and started doing more complicated things. After a short time he was lucky that Iker Lezeta went to look for him. Iker has already spent some years in that world and it was thanks to him that Benito started attending small regional competitions.

After that, he started attending Catalan regional championships, Spanish championships and even World Cups. Thus, until he reaches 18 at the age of 18, he will reach the top of his category: Junior World Champion, which represents his move to International Elite. Gradually progressed in the world ranking: year 2000 4th place, year 2001 3rd place, year 2002 2nd place, and finally in 2003 a double Elite World Championship. Koxx offered to be an official driver and here begins the best stage of his sporting career: with the project to evolve a bike and to take Koxx to the top of the competition, representing her as the reference pilot of 20 '' of the brand.

His effort has been rewarded with national and world titles: seven world championships 20 '', a third and a second place in 26 '', four World Cups 20 '', a European Championship Elite 20 '', and eight championships from Spain Elite.

Until today, in which he continues to fight with the illusion of progressing in this sport and that this sport is progressing.

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