Xesc Terés

Xesc Terés has lost count of all the races in which he has participated since he launched without a parachute to endurance sports more than 30 years ago. This Catalan entrepreneur is, in fact, one of the pioneers in Spain in these modalities. He was part of the first brave group that completed the first triathlon held in Spain. "On August 2, 1982," he remembers clearly. In his legs are accumulated hundreds of thousands of kilometers traveled in tests of the most different characteristics, from marathons, socks, triathlons, Ironmans, to races by stages of great distances, his great passion in recent years.

He recognizes that his passion for endurance sports is "one of his many great faults", but that he needs them to be physically, mentally and spiritually well. "It is a religion for me, I need it to live, it is part of my day to day life".

"I love the experience of running, of knowing new sensations, it's something more spiritual than material, I'm still surprised and fascinated by how wonderful the human body and mind are," confesses Terés.

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