The idea for Energy Fig first came about in 2014, through a combination of coincidence, experimentation and a desire to be orginal. Although these are characteristics commonly found in most business projects, little by little Energy Fig became a reality.

The people responsible for the creation of Energy Fig energy bars are Pedro Jesús and Anabel, a married couple living in Fuente Álamo, Murcia. They have been closely linked to multi-adventure sport, albeit with a preference for cycling, for more than 25 years.

In fact, it was thanks to doing multi-adventure sports that Pedro and Anabel decided to make their own energy bar. They wanted to create a product that was natural and, above all, healthy, something which is very important to all athletes.

Pedro and Anabel have created energy bars in various flavours; redcurrant and chia seed, strawberry, orange, coffee, banana and quinoa, and coconut.

The Energy Fig team is defined by its concern for its customers, by meeting their needs at the most important moments: races and competitions.